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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Autonomic Function Testing

Yesterday was a long day for Cathy and me. My appointment for Autonomic Function Testing was at 4:30 PM (GA time). We left for Vanderbilt at noon and arrived home again at 9:45 PM. The testing took about one hour and the focus was on my heart rate and blood pressure.

I had to discontinue some of my medication and caffeine for 48 hours before the test. Needless to say, I was not feeling well yesterday. If I ever question the effectiveness of my medication, just leave it off for a few days and I know I need it. Without my medication I tingle much more, I have increased SFN sporadic pain, and I become very, very restless. I did not sleep much at all Monday evening.

After the testing, I took my medication and began to feel much better. I will post the results of the test when I know them.

I am still waiting on the biopsy report from the lump in my left arm. It should be ready soon.

So far, my strength and stamina are still where they were last week. My breathing and double-vision have not changed.   

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