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Friday, July 8, 2011

18th PLEX Treatment, Biopsy, and Neurologist Appointment

Yesterday (July 7, 2011) was a busy day at Vanderbilt: PLEX, Dr. exam, and biopsy on the lump in my left arm. We arrived around 10:45 AM and they took me to dialysis about 11:00 and hooked me up to the PLEX (plasma exchange) machine.

Dr. CL had called me while we were on the way to the Hospital and arranged for me to call him back when I was in place and receiving treatment so he could set things in motion.  It was good that Cathy was with me today.

The pathology biopsy team came and begin working on my arm while I was receiving the plasma exchange. They were very nice and professional. They explained the procedure to me. They would take 18 and 22 gauge needles and stick the lump and "jiggle" the needle up and down in the lump to collect "lump cells." They stuck and jiggled me five times. They said I was the "best patient ever." That's because I did not react to the pain because I did not feel the needle sticks. That is both good and bad. Good because it did not hurt. Bad because it indicates my condition has not improved.

Dr. CL stopped by at 1:00 PM (while I was having PLEX) and did his exam and we talked for a while. Right now the strength in my legs and arms has improved. My breathing, voice, and vision are still essentially not changed. The current plan is for me to have the PLEX treatments every week. It looks like I will be able to get them at Erlanger in Chattanooga. That will save a lot of time and driving. I am also scheduled for autonomic testing next week in Nashville. Maybe that will add another piece of information to the puzzle.

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