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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Waiting and Testing and Waiting Again

Last Friday (May 28, 2010) we made another trip to Vanderbilt. My insurance company approved the CT Scan, but not the PET Scan. At Vanderbilt, they planned to do the CT with contrast. Since I am allergic to the contrast, they could not do the CT. So, they did some talking--I hope with the insurance company--and did the PET Scan instead. I have not heard the results yet. Ain't life Fun!

I had an arterial blood gas test and pulmonary function test this past Wednesday (June 2, 2010). I do not know the results yet, but I will be surprised if there is a problem with air flow in my lungs.

The arterial blood gas test practically did not hurt at all--I hoped it would. Pain would indicate my nerves were getting better. The pain was not there, my nerve damage is not better yet!

I talked with my primary care physician on Friday (June 4, 2010). He had received the reports from my ER visit at Memorial. We talked about their testing. Their tests still showed the same problem he found last week. My ECG was really not that normal at the ER after all.

I will have a nuclear stress test on Wednesday (June 9, 2010) at Memorial through the Chattanooga Heart Institute. I will meet with my physician next Friday to discuss the results.

Right now I have added Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Ventricular Hypertrophy to my diagnoses. Both are serious and rare conditions. The next time I hear "rare" I want it to be about a steak!

Cathy told me specifically not to ask the doctor if I could cut the grass now. I obeyed. My exact words to the doctor were "Cathy told me not to ask you if I can cut grass now!" He still said no!

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