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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick Summary of my Diagnoses

OK, here are the conditions I have been diagnosed with and a brief summary of how they effect me.

Mild Acute Motor-Sensory Axonal Neuropathy
This is often considered a subtype of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This possibly contributed to my muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and balance problems. I really believe this condition was helped greatly by the plasmapheresis because these main symptoms have improved. My diagnosis came through EMG/NVC testings at Vanderbilt.

Small Fiber (Sensory) Neuropathy
This condition involves the small nerve fibers in the body and is difficult to diagnose. It would cause my tingling, hypersensitivity to sunlight, and greatly reduced sensitivity to pinpricks. The plasmapheresis did not help this. I have the predominate symptoms of this condition, but my skin biopsy came back negative. My diagnosis came through clinical examination at Vanderbilt.

Autonomic Neuropathy
This condition involves the nerve fibers that control bodily functions. This would cause three of my most troubling issues. My body cannot regulate its temperature, so I can overheat very easily. My body has also greatly reduced sweating ability, and I have developed orthostatic hypotension (OH). OH is a large drop in blood pressure when changing positions which can lead to fainting. Plasmapheresis has not helped this condition. My diagnosis came through clinical examination at Vanderbilt and through testing (for OH) at my local physician's office.

Paraneoplastic Syndrome
This syndrome causes an autoimmune response to a hidden cancer in the body. In my case, this syndrome is causing all of the above conditions. The most likely candidate for the cancer would be some form of lymphoma. My diagnosis came through clinical examination at Vanderbilt neurology and hematology/oncology.

Swollen lymph nodes. This is one reason I am checked and rechecked for lymphoma. Biopsy of my lymph nodes was abnormal, but not cancerous, yet. My diagnosis came through lymph node biopsy at Vanderbilt hematology/oncology. My recent PET Scan will show their current condition.

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Ventrical Hypertrophy
This is a preliminary diagnosis through ECG and Echocardiogram from my primary physician. Additional testing will be performed this week to confirm and evaluate this diagnosis. This may be the primary cause of my current breathing problems since it effects both heart and lungs. The right side of my heart is enlarged and blood is not flowing freely through my lungs.

Now, just how do all these things fit together to form one diagnosis? That's the question.

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