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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Observations

Here are some things I have noticed about my heart/lungs/pulse.

1. Yesterday at the hospital, my pulse ranged from 48 to 139. Most of the time, it was around 50 to 60.

2. Sitting down today, my pulse runs around 90. That is high for me.

3. Just simply standing still will cause my heart rate to increase to over 130. It has been as high as 146 today just standing still. I have a sports watch that tracks pulse rate.

4. While walking short distances like back deck to kitchen, my pulse is around 120.

5. I am still uncomfortable in my chest. I can feel my pulse beating hard throughout my body.

6. There is a definite connection between my shortness of breath and pulse rate. It is harder to breathe when my pulse is racing.

7. All of this seems to be worse within a couple of hours after eating.

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