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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

I want to say a word of appreciation to the staff at Vanderbilt Medical Center for their care, treatment, and professionalism during the last week. I did not think to write down the names of individuals until just before I left the hospital, so I cannot list all the individuals by name. Please know that you are all appreciated.

Thanks to the Sixth Floor Neurology Unit nurses, care partners, and staff who made sure we were comfortable and still alive every day.

Thanks to the Dialysis/Apheresis Unit doctors, nurses, techs, and staff who implemented my daily treatments. We spent a lot of time together--though I slept through most of it. You made a long time of treatment comfortable for me.

Thanks to the Transport Unit. Guys and gals, I sure learned a lot from you on each journey. It was a real trip.

Thanks to the doctor who worked with Dr. Lee on the skin biopsy.

Thanks to the team of doctors and residents who worked with me every day in the hospital. I appreciate you listening to and hearing what I was saying. That's important. I remembered to get their names just before we left the hospital. They are: Doctors Arthur Walters, Luke Bradbury, Heather Koons, Michael Christo, Yash Choksi, Jake Schoff, and Mehanz Kahn.

I was impressed by your concern for the patient and your hands-on teaching/training techniques. I believe the new residents in this group will be very successful in their chosen field.

Thanks to Dr. Lee for all of his hard work in continuing to diagnose and treat my condition. Without his determination, we would not be this far along.

Also, thanks to those who prayed, visited, called, read the blog, commented on the blog, and offered encouragement to us. You are all special to us. We love you.

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