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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Morning Worship, Being Nice, and Video Blog

Morning Worship
I enjoyed watching the Morning Worship Service on the Internet this morning.  I hope you all remembered to set your clock ahead one hour last night, it looked like some did not.

The Ministers of Music group did a great job.  The choir was inspiring. How true it is about the cross, "mercy there was great . . . there my burdened soul found liberty at Calvary!"

I appreciate Rev. Brant Olivarri preaching this morning. I enjoyed his sermon about the First Gospel (Genesis 3:15). Thanks Brant for reminding us of the need for Easter from a different perspective. If you missed the service, check it out on our web site in a few days.  Brant also had a very busy Disciple Now weekend.  Thanks to all who helped him make this weekend a success.

That's Why Your So Nice!
I do not usually volunteer information that I am a pastor for several reasons. Some people instantly change and put on their best behavior, after all I can snitch to God on them. Some people begin to tell me all the reasons they no longer attend church. They "don't want to be with the hypocrites on Sunday." My mother would tell them, "If you don't want to be with them at church on Sunday, what are you going to do in hell with them for ever?" Others become "super spiritual" and want to discuss all types of theological issues and deep spiritual matters like, "is the European Union supercomputer the Antichrist?" What??? Still others see me as their private confessional and tell me all types of sins that would make a hardened sailor blush. Now, I do not mind ministering, that's what I am called to do. But, I just want people to be themselves around me.

Last week during treatment, one of the nurses finally asked me what I did for a living. I told her I was a pastor. She seemed surprised. "Oh, that's why you have been so nice to us--you're a pastor you have to be." "Not really," I told her. "It is always better to be nice and pleasant than mean and grumpy."

She thought that because of who I am--a pastor--I had to be good. The reality is all of us because of who we are--children of God--should be good and pleasant people. We should always be people who reflect the quality and nature of our Heavenly Father. Goodness should be our new, redeemed nature.

I have meet Christians who are habitually grumpy. Haven't you? They are usually a downer-to-your-spirit. My first reaction is to avoid being around them--even if I have to hide somewhere. Hey, I'm human. Confess now, you want to hide too!

I have also met many more Christians who are a joy and pleasure to be around. They lift your spirit. They encourage and exemplify graciousness and joy to those around them.

Are you nice or grumpy? Do people look for to you come into the room, or do they dread your presence! Just think about it for a minute, how nice it would be if people see a true, Christ-like nature flowing from our life. Not just because you "have to be nice," but because of who's you are.

Video Blog
Here is a video demonstrating my walking and balance on Sunday, March 14, 2010. Most people do not know how difficult my walking is, because I do not walk this way in public--they would put me away if I did. Believe it or not, this is much improved over what I could do a little over a week ago. Kerrell watched me walk this morning and said, "Hey that's great. Frankenstein is an improvement over nothing!" I agree.

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