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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Condition Update, Visits, and Hard Questions

I have been home for a few days now and Cathy has kept me fairly close to the house so I would not "over-do-it." That is a good thing because I get tired easily and I don't have good sense when I'm left on my own (according to Cathy). I do seem to notice a slight improvement in my condition and I am encouraged and thankful about that. Time will tell how effective the treatment will be.

The Honorable and Right Reverends Dan Whitaker and R.V. Wells stopped by for a visit on Monday. We usually eat lunch together, with a few others, at First Baptist, Dalton. It was good to see them, but I really think R.V. came just to tell me what a great dessert I missed. They are both good friends, but did not bring me any of that wonderful dessert. Thanks guys!

Hard Questions
Over the last several month, I have been asked a variety of questions. Some were about my health. Some were about how my family is doing through all of this stressful situation. Some were the really hard questions where life experience and religious meaning collide. Questions like . . .

          Why did God cause (or let) this happen?
          Is there any such thing as supernatural healing?
          Is God going to heal you?
          Why are good people the ones who suffer?
          Where does faith fit into all of this?
          What about those suicidal thoughts?
          How much suffering will God let His people face?
          What did I do to deserve all this?
          How do you endure all you are going through?
          Boy, I bet you feel like Job!

I plan to deal with these and similar questions over the next several weeks. I will probably get a bit preachy while doing so. That's OK, that what I am, thats what I do. I hope as I deal with these difficult questions it will help you on your own faith journey--I know it will me.

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