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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rheumatology Appointment

In September, 2009, I also saw a very well respected rheumatologist. This appointment was also scheduled before I was accepted into Vanderbilt, and I wanted to make sure my problem was not rheumatologically connected.

He also noticed that my symptoms fit the pattern of several different disease processes. He was surprised that no one had ordered an MRI of my brain and spinal cord. It was possible I could have MS. The MRI was performed on September 22, 2009. I did not have MS or any other rheumatological or connective tissue process causing my symptoms.

Another possibility was a rare disease called POEMS syndrome. Boy, I sure rack up on the rare diseases. X-rays and urinalysis tend to rule POEMS out for now. But, even the Vanderbilt doctors are keeping the possibility of POEMS as a differential diagnosis.

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