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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Side Effects and Suicidal Thoughts

This is a very serious email correspondance with Dr. Lee. I experienced something this week I had never experienced before and hope to never experience again. I share this with you because I now know what it is like to be "taken over" by medication, if only for a few days.


I have a return appointment with you at the end of October, but, I am having some additional concerns now. My pain level is still constant and the painful area has increased. I hurt from mid-thigh down in both legs and elbows down in both arms (legs more than arms).

My greatest concern is the depression I have felt over the last week or so. I am not and never been a depressed person. I am also having trouble concentrating occasionally and sometimes feel like I just don't care. There have been no significant changes in family/job or life.

Strange as it may sound, I have also had fleeting, momentary thoughts flash through my mind of suicide. That is certainly not me and is something I would never consider or do. I have found it even very odd and disturbing to have these thoughts. My wife is aware of these thoughts.

I recognize these conditions and are aware of them. This is not me and I do not like feeling this way. Could the neurontin be causing these problems? Is there any other medicine I could try?


Dr. Lee called me as soon as he received this email. He said that neurontin has been reported to cause suicidal thoughts in some individuals. I have been taking neurontin for about four months now. He told me to stop taking the medication immediately. Within a couple of days, my depression was better and I have not had any suicidal thoughts since then.

I am now medically allergic to neurontin and on a different type of medication which supposedly helps calm my nerve endings. I have not had any side effects from the new medication.

If you or anyone you know has suicidal thoughts for any reason, seek help immediately.

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