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Monday, July 13, 2009

First Appointment at Vanderbilt Neurology

I had my first appointment with Dr. Christopher Lee at the Vanderbilt Neuro-Muscular
Clinic in Nashville, TN. Everyone there was great. The exam was very thorough. He listened to Cathy and me, asked a lot of questions, and reviewed the medical reports I had brought from the last few weeks.

The physical exam lasted over one hour. It was obvious I was having significant problems with peripheral neuropathy. The examination revealed that I probably had more than one problem going on at the same time. This would be consistent with the variety of symptoms I was now experiencing. These problems were more than any stress related issue. I told you I was sick! Now begins the process to determine why.

The most common causes of peripheral neuropathy are diabetes and alcoholism. Since I have never drank alcohol, the most logical step is to check for diabetes. Dr. Lee ordered a lot of blood work and a Glucose Tolerance test.

I cannot say enough good words about Dr. Lee. He has really worked hard to help diagnose me. Cathy and I appreciate him very much.

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