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Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th Week 2009 -- My Symptoms Explode

Randell (my son) and his family came up to spend the 4th of July holiday with us. During
that week, every symptom I had exploded and became much worse. I still required a cane to walk.

I began feeling dizzy and faint on several occasions. Several times I would have to go lay down because I felt so bad. I was physically cold even though it was hot outside. Even a slight exposure to sunlight made my skin feel like it was sun-burned.

Randell was doing some work on my HVAC system in the attic. I did a lot of exhausting work--I held the flashlight. We were in the hot attic for about thirty minutes. Randell was covered with perspiration--I was bone dry. I had stopped sweating entirely.

We finally figured out that my body was overheating. I had stopped sweating, my body could not cool itself and was I dangerously approaching heat stroke. I learned to be careful and watch how hot I was getting.

I was able to preach on July 5th, but I preached sitting down. First Baptist Church of Ringgold, GA has been very supportive and loving. God is using them to provide for us.

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