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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dr. Christopher Lee and Dr. Jun Li both believed that because of the complexity of my symptoms, something more than just regular peripheral neuropathy was happening. They talked about the possibility of a paraneoplastic process happening in my body. They believed a "hidden cancer" was causing my problems. Now, we had to look for the cancer.

The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), classifies paraneoplastic neurologic syndromes as second out of the top ten rare diseases.

The best way to look for hidden cancer was through a CT/PET Scan. The procedure was painless, but took about two hours. I was injected with a type of radioactive sugar. I waited for one hour and then was scanned. The radioactive sugar is supposed to collect in the most active parts of your body. Since cancer cells are more active than regular cells, the areas with cancer glow brightly.

The lymph nodes under my arms and in my neck glowed a lot (hot), so they needed to be further evaluated for the possibility of cancer. I would be scheduled for a Fine Needle Aspiration and Core Biopsy of my right underarm lymph nodes.

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