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Friday, May 29, 2009

First Chattanooga Neurologist

My first visit with a neurologist went fairly well. He asked a lot of questions about my
family history and medical history. He did a preliminary neurological exam and ordered blood work. My return appointment would be in two weeks. I told him I felt like I had just ran a marathon. Possible diagnosis include: polymyalgia, arthralgia, myositis, neuropathy, or CIDP. It would take more tests to determine the actual process.

Three things surprised me about this appointment. I already knew I had reduced sensation to pinpricks below the knees. I did not know I had reduced ankle reflexes. I did not know I had reduced vibratory sensation in my feet and ankles. The most surprising thing was to discover that I could not do a regular sit-up. I have always been able to do lots of sit-ups. But, now I could not do a single sit-up no matter how hard I tried. It seems my proximal stomach muscles were getting weak.

He prescribed neurontin, which is a medicine designed to calm inflamed and irritated nerves. Come back in a few weeks.

While this first appointment went well, it would end up being the last good appointment with any Chattanooga neurologist.

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