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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Symptoms Noticed

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 24, 2009, I noticed a large pimple on my left knee. I
lanced it with a sterilized needle. It did not hurt at all, no matter how deep I pushed the needle into my skin. That's strange! I discovered that I could not feel needle pricks in many areas of my lower legs. Cathy tried sticking me several times also. I think she enjoyed it--just kidding. I could not feel pinpricks in my lower legs, but could feel touch and pressure, hot and cold, just nothing sharp.

On Tuesday, May 26, 2009, I went to my local physician because of the inability to feel the needle. I also had been hurting and aching all over for a few weeks, but had not thought much about it because I had been engaging in a lot of yard work. I had actually experienced a dull muscle ache for about one year. A previous doctor did an examination and blood work and believed the dull ache was caused by a viral infection.

This morning, my physician noted right away that I was moving like an "old man." I certainly was feeling like an old man that day. This was the first time I really recognized that my movements were much slower than normal. I was also having trouble with mobility which was totally new to me. I had trouble squatting and rising, and getting in and out of chairs. I almost had to crawl up my own body using my knees as props to get off the floor or out of a chair. I was beginning to experience a good deal of fatigue. The doctor did a neurological exam and ordered blood work since my symptoms seemed to come from a variety of causes.

My basic neurological exam was OK, except for slow movement and loss of pain perception in my lower legs. He suggested that I see a neurologist for a follow-up and more thorough exam.

The blood work later revealed that I had a slightly elevated CK level. Something was happening in my body that was making me stiff and achy. I felt like I had just ran a marathon--I ached that bad and felt that tired.

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