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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pulmonary Function Test

Two items today

#1: Last week I had a series of pulmonary function test a Vanderbilt as a follow up on my breathing and a chest xray from the December ER visit. The ER xray picked up on the large size of my lungs and the radiologist noted that the size usually is associated with COPD. I have been to the Vanderbilt pulmonology clinic since the MG started and they have performed several pulmonary function tests on me over the years.

This last test was as good, and in some cases a little better, as the previous tests. I moved a little over five liters of air through my lungs. That is a lot of air. I have big lungs, but I am a big guy. I am 6'2" tall . . . and seem to be growing taller. The test at Vanderbilt show that I do NOT have COPD. In fact, my lungs are in excellent condition and exchange oxygen well. My breathing problem is muscular not associated with my lungs at all.

The pulmonologist believes the size, reserve capacity, and clarity of my lungs has helped keep me from being intubated. That is just what I thought. That is also why I have been so careful to keep from getting sick.

#2: Unfortunately the headaches came back this weekend and last night (Monday) was horrible.

Just a note about getting taller: Several in the family have noticed this. When we were at Randell's a few weeks ago we noticed it. He has been just a fraction taller than me as an adult. Now I am slightly taller than he is. I measured myself in my bare feet (better than bear feet). Most of my life, I have been just a fraction under 6'2" . . . now I am just over 6'2". 

You can't keep a good man down.

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