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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

24th Cytoxan Chemotherapy March 23, 2016

I arrived for my 24th Cytoxan chemotherapy infusion at the Erlanger East Infusion Center at 9:45 AM. This was my first time using this center. I have had infusions at the Erlanger Medical Center in downtown Chattanooga, but the Erlanger East Center is only five miles from our house. The center was very nice and my nurse was one who had transferred to this center from downtown and had treated me previously.

After the preliminary paperwork, they began an IV and started a Zofran and Depo-Medrol drip followed by a period of fluids. I was also given oral Tylenol and Benadryl.

Just before the Cytoxan chemo, I received IV Mesna, an organosulfur compound used to coat my bladder to reduce the risk of bladder cancer and ease the effects of the Cytoxan. Finally, around noon, the hour long Cytoxan infusion began. When the Cytoxan infusion was completed, I received additional fluids for two hours, then a final round of Mesna with a quick flush. We left the center at 3:45 PM. Infusion days are always long. I have two more infusions left.

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