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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cathy's Report -- Monday through Wednesday

Monday, January 5, 2015

Today has been a fairly busy day. I was late taking a shower because I was waiting for Kerry to do to dialysis. However, today they treatment was given in the room because of the volume of dialysis patients and MG patients. One thing different today, his blood count was way off and the blood has had to be drawn several times to be rechecked.

A speech therapists came in to check on his swallowing. Occasionally, he will choke on water and they wanted to make sure everything was okay. And, it was.
Afterwards, respiratory therapy came in to check on his breathing. Then, Physical therapy and occupational therapy came in to talk about ways to conserve energy and ways to perform tasks around the home. So, he is going home with a grabber, a sponge on a stick and a walker.

We found out the doctor has ordered a Heparin induced antigen test to see why his blood platelets are running so low. Which means they are checking to see if he had developed an immune response to Heparin. He is given Heparin shots while in the hospital to keep his blood thin because he has to stay in  the bed so much during treatment.

This afternoon Kerry sat up and I kicked back on the bed and took a much needed nap.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This morning Kerry was taken to dialysis before 7:00 am. I took an early shower, got dressed. Kerry missed breakfast, but I saved his 2 turkey sausage, biscuit and pear cup, and ate my breakfast. Waiting at the elevators I looked out a window and saw snow! A lady walking by stated “earlier it was snowing heavier than now.” As I was leaving the hospital for the parking garage I was hit in the face by the cold arctic air. Now that will take your breath away!

I quickly chose what I need from my tote and am glad for the warmth of the hospital. Afterwards, I went to dialysis to check on Kerry. He was doing okay and is almost finished. Before I leave as to not be in the way, the nurse calls for transport and in about ten minutes Kerry is back in the room.

Yesterday, I mentioned that his platelets are low and blood has been drawn several times to check for Heparin induced antigens. The doctors discuss a couple of theory's as to why but, we are still waiting on the tests results.

The physical therapist came in again today with two students. She went over what was discussed yesterday (Tuesday, the 6th) and gave us an additional handout on tips for fighting fatigue. She also worked with Kerry's double vision, by placing tape vertically from his eyebrows to below his eye. She blocked half of his vision with the tape. This occluded part of the double vision and left his peripheral vision intact. The next step is to transfer this to his glasses which are at home. This seemed to help.

As the therapist and students were working with Kerry, he mentioned his videos in which he demonstrates his strength fatigue. They watched as he curled the 17 lb box of pennies until his arm just stops in mid air. They asked permission to use this in their staff presentation and also to video them working with him. They want to use this to teach about the MG patient with strength weakness. Permission was granted.

I have mentioned the nurse from radiology who recognized us from the past. The nurses on the floor also recognize us and treat us very well. One of the care partners immediately came when she saw Kerry's name on the list. She is our care partner this time and said “she would catch up on the briefing later, she had to come see us first.” Everyone here treats their patients well and are friendly. On the wall in the hallway there is an area behind glass where pictures of the staff are posted. Along with those pictures are handwritten notes from former patients and students who have had treatment and instruction from these individuals. Everyone of those notes are full of praise and thanks.

Lunch was brought and now I have a guest tray. It's good that we get to eat together and smile at the differences in the food. Today, I had BBQ lightly sauced, California vegetables, cole slaw, soup, pineapple cup and sweet tea. Kerry had BBQ with no sauce, California vegetables, roasted potatoes, soup, pineapple cup and unsweetened tea. And, we both had 2 packs of soda crackers.
We are resting this afternoon. The speech and respiratory therapy have stopped back by. Speech therapy has released him since he is doing much better.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello everyone! Kerry is having a better day today, it seems the plasma pheresis is doing its job. We are thankful.

Things has calmed down somewhat on the 6th floor from Monday. Tuesday, was fairly calm as well. We are right across from the nurses station and those rooms tend to be a bit noisy. We are thankful for calm!

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