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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rough Week (07/06/14)

Yesterday (Wednesday) was horrible. I woke with a 103.6 fever. We drove to the Vanderbilt clinic in Franklin, TN for my nerve block. I still had fever when I arrived and my pulse was 129. My neurologist was out-of-town for a funeral, but was on his was back so they had worked me in with the other neurologist in the office. He said, "You look really sick, I don't think it is safe to do the nerve block today."

Since he was not familiar with my case he was not comfortable giving me the block considering my current condition and the danger involved. The medication in the nerve block can trigger atrial fibrillation, especially in someone who has had them before and when their heart rate is already at 129.

Cathy asked, "Can you at least give him some type of pain shot for the headache?" He said he would. He also tried to contact his partner, my regular headache neurologist, for his opinion. Of course, he was unreachable. The doctor felt really bad because he knew I was in pain and wanted to help, but did not want to put me into a more serious situation. I appreciate that.

In a few minutes, the nurse gave me the shot and the doctor came back in and said, "Dr. C.C. called me back, he agreed to go ahead with the nerve block then have you go to an urgent care for the fever." Praise the Lord!

Today, my fever has left, my headache is better and I am recovering.

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