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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday at Vanderbilt

Greetings to All,

An Early Start

Today is April 16, 2012 and we are again at Vanderbilt University Hospital. Our day started early, 5:00 AM Georgia time and 4:00 AM Nashville time. On top of that, I didn't sleep well at all and I am thankful for caffeine. There was an accident on the highway with an approximate wait of 87 minutes (according to the GPS) so, we took a loooong detour, as did many others. Traffic was horrible!

Arrival at Vanderbilt

We finally arrived and Kerry got out at the front door while I go to park the car. Kerry was in the radiology waiting area when I arrived and was taken back fairly quickly.

As the nurses were going through the pre-surgical questions and precautions, he did give the nurses a chuckle. They were asking about how many times, he has had this procedure and Kerry told them that this was his 5th. In one breath, he was telling them I was his wife and this was his fifth series of treatments. Somehow, they thought he was talking about me being his fifth wife. The nurses smiled and looked kind-of-funny and the confusion was cleared up.

One of the questions they ask is "have you been threatened or do you feel threatened?" I explained to him, next time they ask him that question, he can say yes, because I threatened him this morning. (he had mumbled something about our stop for breakfast, mine, not his).

After they took him back for the procedure, I decided that this would be a good time to look for a better parking place, and to take his walking staff/stick back to the car as well. You know I got some funny looks walking back through the surgical waiting room. I did find a little better place to park and made my way "look-free" back to the waiting area.

So, after my errands were complete and Kerry was back in his holding room, the nurse came in and said we could go eat and then to come back here to wait, until time for Plasma. So, off we go with me pushing him in the wheel chair. The first thing getting into the elevator, was ram his feet into the back of the elevator. Those elevators are not very deep. So, here we go to the cafeteria, through the crowded narrow hall with my green "Pooh Bear" tote bag hanging onto the IV pole, the lap top, in Kerry's lap. It was crowded and after trying to determine what they had and what sounded good, we both ended up with a "Blue Plate Special" which was quite tasty. After a confusion about the water that came with Kerry's meal and the fountain drink with mine (what the difference was in our specials, I don't know) The check-out area was congested and we had to back up and go thru another exit--the wheelchair wouldn't fit through our check out line. We finally ate lunch and headed back. Another elevator ridge and again I hit the wall with his feet. As we were getting off, the person on the elevator with us, said, "good luck." Again,When we got back to pre-surgical holding area, Kerry said I was huffing and puffing while pushing the wheelchair. I wonder why?

In Dialysis, we found out our room number, so I went to the car to get our stuff and get it settled in the room. Now, I have devised a way so I don't take all of our stuff into the room, at one time. I have a piece of luggage I use for "transport." I leave the big suitcase in the car and exchange out what we need from day-to-day. This works well. However, I think I am slipping. I left Kerry's shirt that he was to wear home in our closet at home. This morning I was looking for something that was packed somewhere, and I have felt like I was in a fog for most of the day.
I am a detail person, so it drives me to distraction when something like this happens. I am either beginning to lose it, or I am tired.

Tentative Plans

All joking aside, Kerry has not been doing well. I guess you probably think, so what else is new? Over the past several weeks, his breathing has been getting worse and he has felt worse. His hips have been hurting which makes walking difficult. His left arm has been hurting for quite a while and he is not sleeping at night, as he is waking up gasping for air.

The insurance company was questioning if this procedure was medically necessary, which was quite irritating to me. I was ready to call someone, anyone to let them know how I felt, considering the times he has "medically" needed it to live. It seemed best to leave it to the doctor, which we did. After viewing Kerry's latest video, Dr. Lee wrote back and related that the insurance should not be a problem, as his condition was urgent.

We finally got into our room around 9:00 PM and we are both exhausted. I didn't do my usual thorough cleaning of the hospital room, just the basics this time. Like I said, I'm slipping. My kids will appreciate those comments. LOL.

It's late, so I'll close for now.


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