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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Quick Medical Update

At my last neurological appointment, Dr. CL ordered blood work and found my blood ferritin level was very low. This was probably contributing to my trembling, restless-leg, and aching. He prescribed ferrous sulfate tablets are they are helping the restless-leg and aching somewhat. The tablets nauseate me, so I take them every other day. I can tolerate them this way. This is good.

In a later email, he suggested using my Bi-Pap during the day to help my thinking. I could be retaining too much CO2 in my system which would cause my daytime confusion; using the Bi-Pap should lower the CO2 level. I have been using the Bi-Pap during the day and it seems to help. Cathy mentioned this morning she thinks it is helping too. My thinking is still not where it was, but is better. This is good.

Overall, I am better from the restless-leg, cloudy thinking, and Zombification than I was in early December, but my breathing and vision are no better. My breathing my be worsening slightly. I could probably use another plasma exchange, but would rather wait and not pull any Cytoxan out of my body right now. This is not so good.

My next Cytoxan infusion is late January. So far, so good.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support.

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