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Monday, December 19, 2011

Blue Christmas--Hopefully Not!

I have been dealing with issues of crying lately. This is so not me! My neurologists say there is a condition people with ALS, MS, stroke, and other neurological issues may develop which leads to crying or laughing for short periods of time for no reason. This may be happening to me now.

Over the last several weeks, waves of emotion have hit me out-of-the-blue. I do not feel sad or worried, but my eyes weep and I suddenly feel overwhelmed with the need to cry. Usually it only lasts for a for minutes.

My Effexor was increased to 225mg per day to see if it helps this condition. Effexor is a strong anitdepressant, but is also used to treat nerve pain. The nerve pain is why I take Effexor. After a few days of increased Effexor, I became zombie like and just don't care about anything. Last Friday morning I passed out and almost passed out again on Saturday.

Right now I have gone back to 150mg of Effexor per day to see if I can un-zombify. We emailed the doctor this morning and are waiting for a response about the medication.

My next cytoxan infusion is December 29. Cathy will drive me and the girls will be with us since they are out of school. If I am not nauseated, we plan to ride over to Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas decorations after the infusion.

I will be fine!

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