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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thankfulness Blog

KRB -- I am thankful for all the blessing of this past year.

I am thankful for my wife who loves and cares for me. I am thankful for my daughter and her girls and that they are here with us. I am thankful my son has a new job and pray for a good move to Montgomery for them. I am thankful for my church family and their love and support.

I am thankful for the health I have and the hard work of the doctors in continuing to find the right treatment for me. I am thankful for our friends and their support. I am thankful to God for His love, Christ for my salvation, and the Holy Spirit for His daily guidance.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this and reads my blog. I hope I have encourage you, at least a little, this past year.

The following responses were received by email. Some of the people who responded are suffering with Myasthenia Gravis like I am.

D.J. -- I am most thankful for God's love and protection and the tremendous amount of blessings that God pours on me and my family. We are just unworthy and undeserving sinners who constantly disappoint God but yet He never disappoints us!

JW #1 -- I am so thankful for so many thing; among them are salvation, my family and friends and my loving church.

JW #2 -- I am thankful and blessed for my health, our families and the love that we have for each other, a comfortable home, my job, friends, food, my Christian families at church and my pastor and his wife. I am blessed to have known you, Cathy and your family and you and Cathy are such an inspiration in my life.

RC -- I am thankful for many things: I'm thankful for the opportunity to care for two chronically ill parents at home until they passed away. The time I spent with them and the memories we shared made a very difficult time extra special. For the support of family and friends, for without them dealing with this crazy disease would be very difficult. For the wonderful doctors who started testing me for MG when I showed only vague symptoms, and didn't look at me like a have three heads. For my warm home, and food on the table. But most of all I am thankful to God for each and every day. Some days are good some are bad, but every day I spend on earth with my family and friends is a true blessing! Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving,

RM -- I am thankful for the blessing of living in Ringgold and being welcomed into the family of First Baptist. Praise the lord.

JCW -- There are so many things to be thankful for…..that Christ died for us. Family, Heath, Food, Love, Job, Friends, Loving home

LSM -- Kerry, I wanted to share with you what I read in Daily Guideposts 2010 yesterday. You might or might not want to include it or part of it in your blog on Thanksgiving Day.

In short, Brian Doyle is talking with his 90+ year old mother, who is in the bed with a recent broken hip, which she numbers 15 on what she calls "the old-lady ailment list." She admits she is feeling a little weary of not being able to walk or cook or drive or use much of "the ancient machine the good Lord gave me for a body", but she is quick to list the great things she has "even now that I'm older than dirt." "I have my husband, odd as he is, and five children who have never been arrested, yet, and I have the dearest of friends, and a whopping nine grand-children, and my brain still works, and I make a mean meatloaf, and every day I hear the voices of people I love. Also there are great birds here in Florida and my tomatoes do surprisingly well in this soil. I just discovered two Neville Shute novels I never read, at least one of my children calls me every day, and the sun is out here when it's raining like the dickens where you are and snowing like the Arctic where we used to live, so what's to complain about? Soon enough, heaven, and I'll see everyone I ever loved and ever loved me, and can talk baseball with my day. But what's the rush? This is a glorious world, the one ever, don't you think?"
I know it's long, but thought you would enjoy it, if you haven't already read it. Such a shame everyone doesn't have that kind of attitude!

J.P. -- I am thankful for my Freedom that so many have given their lives , for my wife who has made my life feel so special and has given me so much, for my church family who are so special in my life, but most of all for Jesus Christ who gave his life that I might live.

N.L. -- This year was full of surprises, good and bad. Seems the world is still going thru financial, emotional, and spiritual crisis. our family was no exception.

So I am thankful for the following:

To have my baby-sister survive a full blown bleed out stroke, and 9 months later she is mobile, talking, and is looking forward in being able to use her arm soon.

For bringing all 3 sisters together again.

My daughter-who is still in college, a full time mom, being my sisters aid, and still able to go home and try to have a life.

To my future son-in-law for never complaining when i ask for a favor, and is a good dad and provider, plus he eats anything I cook!

My grand baby who turned 1 and is my bundle of joy!

My two brother-in laws who will come to my rescue if i am stranded or need assistance moving big objects.

To see all new life being born into this family, and seeing it grow in size and strength.

Seeing my Dad more involved with family and spending more quality time with Mom, who has first stages of Alzheimer's.

Having good friends/cousins to be there at a drop of a hat!

Giving me more patience to enjoy the small things in life than stressing over issues i cannot control.

And my most important one, is finding my faith back in GOD.
Sorry for the list being so long but I have lots to be Thankful this year!


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Thanks again

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