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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The last few days have not been too good for me. Fighting major exhaustion, chest pain, and breathing problems. Sunday was a long day and my voice began giving me more problems.

To be specific, my "gofetcher" (the technical/medical term is uvula) began to flop around and bump against the back of my tongue. That is a weird feeling for sure. Its just another aspect of Myasthenia Gravis. The more I use my voice, the weaker my throat/vocal muscles gets.

My GP has ordered a CT Scan this Friday to see what could be causing the chest pain and breathing difficulty. My lungs are clear and recent pulmonary function test indicate my problem is more with my diaphragm than lungs themselves. It still feel like I have something causing pressure inside my chest. My heart is not the problem either.

After the CT Scan, I am to increase my prednisone to 60mg daily. That's double my current dose. Look out Goodyear Blimp, here I come!

If the increased dose of prednisone does not help, I will have plasmapheresis again. This means another 5-day oil and filter change at Vanderbilt. This will probably be either the week of Oct 11 or 18.

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