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Friday, August 20, 2010

Condition Update / Book Finally Published

Sorry I have not blogged for a while. I have been busy with a few other issues.

Overall, my health is better than it was a month ago.

I attribute that to prayer and medication. Prayer is powerful and has definitely helped. The medication has calmed some of my symptoms. I have more energy because of the large dose of prednisone I take every other day. Breathing, voice, and vision continue to be problems.

I was beginning to have real problems with concentration and thinking. Dr. Lee suggested reducing my Effexor to 1 per day. This has helped, but my small fiber pain level really increased. I would rather have pain and be able to think though.

I have lot of pain and tightness in my chest. Dr. Lee took me off Mestinon for a few days to see if it is causing the problem. I know it is not heart related because I had a complete heart work up (including cath.) a month ago with no heart problems at all.

So far, Mestinon is the only thing that has given me relief from my symptoms since May 2009. It's a downer to know what really works on my MG may not be a medication I can take.

If the Mestinon is the problem, it may be possible to adjust the dosage or add a muscle relaxant to my drugs. Great, more pills. I rattle when I walk now.

Book Finally Published

My Paperback and eBooks are finally ready for sale.
You can find them through my web site at

Over the last two weeks, I made some minor changes to my book.
The paperback and eBook are in their final form and published.

They are immediately available at
Createspace is owned by Amazon and they print and distribute the book to various vendors. Books will be available in other areas soon. It takes time for the book to work through the system. They will eventually filter down (about 1 week) to places like Kobo, eDiesel, iBooks, etc.

As of right now, Createspace has the Paperback and eBook in their final published form.

Amazon has the eBook in its final form now.
The paperback will be on Amazon within a week.

Wow! My eBook is ranked # 20 in the following two Amazon eBook categories:
(1) Kindle Books / Nonfiction / Medicine / Physician and Patient / Healing.
(2) Kindle Books / Nonfiction / Professional and Technical / Alternative Medicine / Healing.

Now, let's come down to earth -- I have sold 3 Kindle books (and I bought 1 of those).
My overall Amazon ranking is 125,679.

Soli Deo Gloria

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