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Friday, July 23, 2010

Positive Myasthenia Gravis Test!

We made a trip to Vanderbilt today (Friday, 07/23) for more testing with Dr. Lee. The particular test I had was a Single Fiber EMG (SFEMG). The test was done in two locations on my left arm. This is a very good test for diagnosing myasthenia gravis.

The testing took about two hours and involved a lot of needle sticks. It is a good thing that I don't feel the sticks. The first test was in my forearm and the results were normal. The next test was in my upper arm and the results were somewhat abnormal.

Dr. Lee is 98% positive I have myasthenia gravis. Yep, a positive MG test. Why is Dr. Lee not 100% positive? Because so many things have been out-of-norm with my illness. I do not usually fit the text book classification of things. SFEMG testing in the upper arm is not the usual location for MG testing, but in my case, that is where it showed abnormal. This explains my fatigue, weakness, breathing problems, and changing vision. So, now I am on four medications: pyridostigmine, prednisone, pepcid, and effexor.

MG is in addition to all the other problems that I currently have. It is hoped that this medication will help my overall condition. Time will tell.

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