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Friday, June 11, 2010

More Good News

I went back to my primary care doctor this morning for results of the last several weeks tests. I feel good about the results.

There is no indication of any lung disease such as emphysema, clots, fibrosis, COPD, etc. I am moving plenty of aid through my lungs. My lungs seem fine and normal. This is very good.

There is no indication of any heart blockage, heart attack, or damage. This is great news. The right side of my heart seems to be enlarged some and is working very hard to pump blood through my lungs. The right side is enlarged because of the pressure build up from the lungs. But otherwise, my heart is healthy.

So, why is my heart working so hard to pump blood through my lungs when there is no problem with either? That's a good question. I have an appoint with a cardiologist next week for more evaluation.

My guess is that this is all connected with the damage to my nervous system so how. But the combination of all these symptoms would be very, very rare indeed.

I cut grass today--Cathy helped. I have decided to do whatever I want to do and just see what happens. I have grow tired of just sitting and watching. I am ready to do!

Good news twice in one week. Wow!

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