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Monday, May 3, 2010

Update, Monday, May 3, 2010

This has been a fairly busy week, or two, or three for me. I have preached two funerals in two weeks, made several hospital visits and had a lots of meetings. It always amazes me that we can go for weeks and no one dies or goes to the hospital and then suddenly that changes. I have been back to my regular work schedule for several weeks now. Usually that means about 50 hours a week, not counting home study. It feels good to be able to work again.

I have more strength and stamina than a few months ago. That is great, but I still have pain and tingling in my lower legs and arms. So far, I seem to have stabilized. I do not know how long the plasmapheresis treatments will last, but they have been effective. I hope they will continue to be. I do think I may need to rest a little more in the middle of the day to keep down fatigue.

I preach twice on Sunday mornings and once on Wednesday evenings. I am really tired after both AM services on Sunday. I sleep about three hours on Sunday afternoons to recover. Over the last year, I have needed a lot more sleep than before. Eight hours a night is just not really enough anymore.

My autonomic nerve problems are still present.
My forehead is the only part of my body that sweats.
I am having real trouble finding a comfortable temperature.
If it is too cold I freeze; too hot and I cannot regulate my body temperature.
Sunlight still hurts my skin almost instantly — like a sunburn.
I still have no appetite, but force myself to eat everyday.
I still give out of breath easily.
The orthostatic hypotension is still present and has not changed.

I have received emails from others who are suffering from similar conditions to mine. I feel for them and hope they find some relief for their problems. There seems to be a lot of auto-immune diseases out there.

I hope you have taken time to read the first chapter of my book from this blog site. I am working hard at writing in my spare time. Things are progressing well, but it will still take a lot of time before it is ready.

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Thanks again for your continued prayers.

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