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Saturday, July 25, 2009

If You Don't Believe It -- It Won't Work! Say What?

This doctor visit was scheduled before I was accepted into Vanderbilt. I decided to keep
the appointment to see what this Chattanooga neurologist would say.

This is the strangest doctor's visit I have ever had. I was unable to see the neurologist suggested by Memorial Hospital, so they set me u[ with with a different doctor. I refused to use my first neurologist anymore.

The second Chattanooga neurologist was professional, curious, listened, and examined me well. His findings totally shocked us. He said, "There is nothing wrong with you . . . it's all in your head . . . you are stressed . . . in fact, I am working with other pastors right now who are dealing with similar issues you are and they are all stressed." Oh no, not again!

I spent a few minutes trying to convince the doctor I was not stressed--I was stressed trying to deal with him. Forget it, he was sure that all my problems were directly related to stress.

At this point, Cathy had a great suggestion. She said, "OK, if this is all stress related, why don't you give him some pills to help with the stress to see if it helps his symptoms?" That sounded reasonable to me. The doctor responded, "I could give him some pills, but if he does not think they will work it won't do him any good." That's what he really said. I could not make this type of stuff up, its just too strange.

Cathy and I looked at each other, we thanked him for his time, paid our copay, and left his office. In his favor, he was much more polite about his view than the first Chattanooga neurologist. But he was still wrong.

We later discovered that he had a working relationship with my first neurologist and had read my previous records.

Thank goodness for Vanderbilt!

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