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Monday, December 7, 2009

EMG/NVC with Dr. Li

A technician began the testing with the NVC exam, screenings for Myasthenia Gravis (MG) and other muscle related diseases. I had a slightly delayed response on the test, but not enough to classify my symptoms as MG or other muscle problems. Other general NVC testing showed slightly slow nerve conduction.

Dr. Li performed the EMG portion of the test. This is where they place needles in your muscles to examine the electrical response from the nerves. The needles are over two inches long, and they are inserted as deep as possible. I was stuck in my neck, back, both arms, and both legs, hands, and ankles multiple times. I did not feel the needles. I could feel pressure and touch sensations, but I could not feel the sharpness. This is very abnormal.

The test revealed that I did have some slow nerve conduction, axonal damage, and demyelination taking place. The axon is the center of the nerve and the myelin is sheath around the axon. My nerves were decaying and in places, dying.

But, this was not my major problem. I was suffering from Severe Small Fiber Neuropathy over basically my entire body. No wonder I was having so much trouble. OK, now we have a better, more complete diagnosis of my problem. The question is why?

Dr. Li had two previous patients who presented with very similar symptoms. In both of those case, the patient had a "hidden" cancer which was causing the symptoms. Dr. Lee and Dr. Li would consult and suggest what should be done next.

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