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Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28, 2015 Quick Update,

I have not written much lately because the chemo has really been working on me. My last treatment was February 9. Since then, the nausea has been under control but I have been very fatigued and slept a lot more. If the effects of Cytoxan are accumulative, my twenty-one total months of infusions are catching up with me. I am seriously thinking about postponing my next treatment for a month.

I hope the next is not "too much information." I passed some blood on Wednesday (2/25) this week. I contacted my gastrologist's office; she was out of the office but her PA saw me the same day. I have a close connection to my Dr. through the church: Dr. Schmidt is excellent. I had both and endoscopy and colonoscopy on Friday (2/27). They were concerned about the bleeding because of a previous large polyp and all of the medication I take.

Since I have MG, any time I receive anesthesia it is very dangerous. They did the procedure at Memorial Hospital. Their main anesthetist, who had experience with MG, put me to sleep and woke me up. I am glad he knew about MG.

The good new. My upper GI system looks very good: no reflux. My lower GI system looks good too: no polyps. The bleeding was coming from a large internal hemorrhoid. Like I said, TMI.

Thank the Lord!

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