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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thursday, July 17

I am home from my third occipital nerve block. This time they included a steroid and muscle relaxer in the injection. I will also be going for physical therapy on my neck to see if it helps the headaches since the occipital nerve arises from the C1 & C2 out of the spine.

I had fasting blood work while at the headache neurologist to check my cholesterol levels. Because I had a small lacunar stoke sometime before 2005, Dr. C.C. is working to prevent me from having another stroke by keeping my cholesterol levels low. I am glad he is taking an interest in this. The other neurologist have way been too busy taking care of my other pressing issues.

I have always had low cholesterol levels and this time was no exception. Total cholesterol--138; HDL--42; LDL--78; Triglycerides--91. But, Dr. C.C. called me at home tonight, July 18 (that is a good doctor to call someone at home) and wants my LDL level below 70. So, starting tomorrow, I will be on a very low dose of Lipitor. To bad it is not Crestor or I could go bowling!

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