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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Headaches (June 07, 2014)

I saw a headache specialist this week at Vanderbilt. 

My headaches are due to occipital nerve neuralgia. The occipital nerve comes out of the

spine, divides, then exits through the bottom of the skull through small openings on the right and left. The occipital nerves then go up the back (where my headaches are), top, and side of the head. 

Traditional headache treatments are not that effective in stopping occipital headaches. Duh! So what is the treatment? An occipital nerve block. Yes, an injection of a nerve blocking agent into the two small openings on the right and left of the bottom of the skull where the occipital nerves come through.

Guess what I had done today? That's right. Two occipital nerve blocks. One in each side. My head is numb . . . I am a blockhead, but its not the first time.

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