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Monday, April 28, 2014

Thymectomy Post-Op Report (04/28/14)

My post-surgery appointment was today (Monday, April 28). Cathy and I left Ringgold, GA at 8:00 AM because of the threat of bad weather; it stormed on us from Monteagle, TN to Nashville, TN. I also had a chest xray before my scheduled appointment. 

I did manage to entertain everyone in the waiting room: I am not talking about the Dr. Who
ringtones that Cathy made me stop playing with. We were sitting in a double padded chair with our backs to the exam rooms. When my pager "went crazy," I stood up, turned, and began walking around the chair to the exam rooms—and ungracefully flat-out fell. Fortunately, I was able to direct my fall into the chair, my back landed in the chair and my legs were across the chair arms sticking up in the air. Cathy had her back to me gathering her stuff when I fell and did not see what happened, but saw me flat in the chair.

I have always felt if something is worth doing once, it is worth doing again! I regained my composure and posture in the chair—Cathy was watching me by now—I stood up again and promptly fell a second time. I have been very unsteady on my feet for the last several weeks. I need to be more careful, or look for a bigger audience. Here is one important law of dumbness to remember:  The stupidity of your act is directly proportional to the number of people watching.

My surgeons, Dr. E.L and his surgical fellow Dr. A.O., were very pleased with my progress. The scar looks great, the chest xray looks great and they have released me from their care. The pathology report did not show any sign of abnormality. Both surgeons were pleased the report did show signs of thymus tissue. That may sounds strange, but they were excited about that part of the pathology report.

As a person ages, the thymus gland usually stops functioning and begins to be absorbed into the fatty tissue around it. For a male of my age, fifty-eight, the thymus gland is usually indistinguishable from the fatty tissue in the chest; it has been absorbed. For the pathology report to show that I have thymus tissue is a good indicator that (1) the surgeons removed any thymus tissue present and (2) the thymus could have been causing the antibodies relating to my myasthenia gravis. Either way, it is gone!

Thanks again for your prayers and support!  --Kerry 

1 comment:

Blaine Sweet said...

Congratulations on a great recovery ahead.I had very little wrong with my thymus,so they said,that I don't have Myasthia Gravis.The drug Mestinon is working for my strength. I heard it also for Gulf War Syndrome. ..