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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday – December 7, 2013

No problems from the plasma exchange today. Kerry is now receiving only a one to one
exchange instead of of a one and one-half to one exchange. This makes the exchange process go quicker. By the time we leave for home on Monday, they will have exchanged thirty-one liters of plasma in his body.

We have excellent care from the nursing staff. Previous nurses recognize us which makes us comfortable with each other and the newer makes us feel welcome and comfortable. You get to know a little about the staff and they learn about us. We have known some of the dialysis unit staff since 2010.

P.S: Here is an important math equation: MP+BSC=IJ (Moon Pie + Blood Sugar Check = Insulin Injection).

P.S from Kerry: W+I+W+I=Y (Was + It + Worth + It = Yes).

Sunday – December 8, 2013
Today, is a lazy laid back Sunday and I slept late—no plasma exchange scheduled. Everyone can tell that Kerry is feeling much better than when he was admitted.

The group of doctors made rounds this morning and noted that Kerry looked better. When the doctors can tell a difference in Kerry, it makes them smile. One of the things they have him do is inhale deeply and count out loud for as long as he can on one breath. He went approximately from counting to seventeen at admissions to counting to thirty-one this morning. All the doctors in the room smiled at that!

Physical and Occupational therapy stopped by too. They like the changes we have made at home: handicapped rails, handicapped toilet etc. The therapists want him to be a mobile as possible, but not to the point that it causes additional weakness. The consent papers have been signed for chemotherapy which is still scheduled on Monday. Tonight we plan to watch a movie.

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Blaine Sweet said...

What is the chemotherapy for?