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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Few Days at Randell's

We went to Randell's for a few days last week. He is still recovering from his concussion, not allowed to drive, and is on a limited work schedule but is improving. Cathy worked around the house and chauffeured him around some while I sat in the recliner. We had a good trip and it was good to spend time with the grandkids. Emily came down with a respiratory infections--I think I am too.

My two rough weeks (after each chemo session ) are over. The next two weeks should be fairly good unless I "got the bug."  My next chemo is April 1.

I received my Medicare Card in the mail this past week. Anyone under 65 who has been on disability for two years is automatically enrolled for Parts A and B. Now I have to figure out the other stuff. I have been scanning the material for several months and it is very confusing.

I am doing some more writing. I am editing a companion book that begins where my first book ended. It is entitled, Body Betrayed: My Journey through Disability into Trust. It should be ready in late summer. I have put together a rough outline of a third book entitled Speaking God--Silent God.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

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