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Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 2013

This January marks the 2nd anniversary of my medical leave which eventually led to my disability.  It has been a trying time for me and my family.  Yet, God has blessed us so much during these two years.

Some have asked, "do I missed preaching?"  If I felt like preparing and preaching the answer would be yes.  But since I hardly ever feel well and know that I could not physically preach even if I wanted too, the answer is no.  There is God's grace even in that fact.  I am as much "at peace" in my current situation as possible because God is still in control of everything that happens.  Do I like it?  No!  But I am at peace.

It has been one month since my last PLEX and one week since my first Cytoxan infusion.  Right now my strength is holding on.  I can still walk on my heels and lift the box of pennies.  This is great news.  The only side effect from the Cytoxan was feeling like I has the flu for a week.  No congestion or fever, just flu-like.  The next infusion is February 1.

Needless to say, since I am immune compromised at present I am avoiding long exposure to crowds.  I wear my mask in public and keep a supply of hand sanitizer close.

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