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Friday, December 14, 2012

Cathy's Blog -- Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We had an early visit from one of the kidney doctors, and an early trip to dialysis this morning. After breakfast, I joined Kerry in the dialysis unit.

We may get to come home after Thursday's treatment. The Nephrologist (kidney doctor) doesn't want to
give Kerry Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) if he doesn't have to because of Kerry's allergic reaction. If they give his body a day's rest, his liver should produce the plasma naturally. The doctor plans to send him home after the third treatment, skip Friday's treatment. Kerry will go back to Vanderbilt on Saturday for another PLEX then come back on Monday for his last PLEX. The kidney doctor has to coordinate this with Kerry's doctors and get everything set-up with the departments at the hospital before we will know for sure.

The plan also includes Kerry starting Cytoxan again as an outpatient sometime before the end of the year.

Kerrell is puppy sitting Max and Ginger for us. Today she sent me a picture of Max curled up on her sofa asleep with his head lying on a sofa pillow. I just love my seventy-pound puppy!

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