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Monday, October 1, 2012

Cathy's Blog, October 1, 2012

End of Day One:

October 1, 2012 began early this morning, 4:00 am to be exact. As usual, we had packed the car the night before, except for our toiletries and last minute grabs. Kerry was allowed to have a cup of coffee, so I didn't have to feel badly about drinking mine in front of him.
When we left It was raining and by the time we got to the highway, it was poring down. Personally, I think the DOT should re-stripe the middle and side lines of the roadways. They have the reflectors down the middle of the road, maybe they should put them on the edges of the road as well. For me, when it's dark and rainy, it can be hard to see and judge lanes. Now, that is just my opinion, wonder how far I would get If I made a suggestion to the DOT?

Well, I am definitely not a morning person. So, this side of Murfreesboro my eyes began to feel heavy and I had to make a coffee stop. Kerry was Benadryled, so both of us didn't need to be drowsy at the same time. We arrived at Vanderbilt around 8:15 AM Georgia time.

I dropped Kerry off at the entrance and I went to park. The Lord had reserved me a great parking space, street level and close to the entrance of the parking garage and the hospital. I only carried in my pocket book and one shoulder bag; book magazines, etc.

Kerry insisted that I go eat breakfast, since we had gotten there so early. He was sure I would have time. Well, when I got back to where I left him, he was not there. I finally had to call him to find out where he was. Radiology already had him in the prepping area and they would call me when he was ready. Well, they took him back for the procedure around 2:00 O'clock Georgia time. While he was gone I went to lunch and sat down for a while. It takes about one hour to prep and insert the Vas-Cath.

Afterward, a couple of doctors came in. One works with Kerry's neuro doctor and the other is a nephrologist, (kidney doctor). The team, "head nurses and room placement people" meet in the afternoon to discuss room priority. Well, as of yet, we don't have a regular room. We are in a Surgery Transition Unit room (waiting area). It would have been a long night on the stretcher, so they had to locate a bed. While I was eating my salad, Kerry phoned and told me to be sure to bring in my cleaning wipes. Kerry said I should have been a Hospital Cleanliness Inspector. I do hate germs! However, we are glad to have this room, because at this time there are no others. No shower, but we do have a potty and a recliner chair for me! I guess I will have to go around looking shabby on Tuesday morning, until they can get us a room.

They decided that Kerry needed to be hooked up to a heart monitor because his heart rate has been dropping so low. Just precaution. They got a late start so, (even though we were early) this trip will be Monday thru Saturday with the last Plex on Saturday morning.

So, after about three trips to the car for the nighttime and Tuesday morning essentials, I am in for the night. More later.


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