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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cathy's Home-Fix-It Shop

Cathy has been working hard around the house for the last couple of months. She has painted the vinyl shutters and exterior light fixtures black, the front door red, the porch grey, and put a fresh coat of caulking and white paint on the rails. She did a good job while I supervised. I can do about fifteen minutes of activity before my body totally stops me. It takes several hours to recover.
My condition is about the same. Breathing still is very difficult. I try to walk in the early morning and late afternoons in front of the house (about 200 feet). This way, I am getting some activity along with any "piddling" during the day as strength and stamina allow. My sleep doctor appointment has been moved to July 26 and my regular neuro appointment is still July 25.

On Friday, we took a picnic lunch--with Kerrell and Bethany--to the Cohutta Wilderness Area about an hour from our house. Since I have not driven in a long time now, Kerrell drove. We crossed over Holly Creek and stopped a minute to look at the trout from the bridge. I have fished here on several occasions in the past. We continued up the forest service road, rounded a corner and saw a young black bear standing in the road. We stared at each other for a minute or so, then he vanished into the woods. We rode up to Lake Conasauga to eat. At an elevation of 3,200 feet the weather was just right! After lunch, we followed back roads to Fort Mountain where Cathy, Kerrell, and Bethany looked for the fort. We headed home after an early supper at Western Sizzlin in Dalton. The entire trip took less than seven hours. All I did was ride and eat but I was totally exhausted when we arrived home. After a few hours of sleep, I woke up for a little while before going to bed. I did very little on Saturday.

Cathy cut grass Saturday evening and I sat down to write this blog but had to stop because of an ocular migraine. While looking at the computer screen, the center of my vision blacked out. It always amazes me how I don't notice at first--then I suddenly hits me, I can't see. I turned the computer off and went to watch TV. I could not read the guide or see the picture well either, so I just listened. The event lasted about fifteen minutes. Later that evening, I had another episode, but it only lasted about five minutes. I am not seeing that well today either.

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