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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Question of God's Will

I am part of several internet support groups and my book has a good presence in the MG web community. As a result, I often receive questions about living with Myasthenia Gravis (MG). One recent question dealt with doing God's will.

An individual was in active ministry when MG and other medical issues hit hard. Now their ministry is on-hold. I paraphrase their question as follows. "Why would God give me these talents for ministry and then take away the ability to use them?" I often wrestle with this question myself.

Here is some of my answer.

I was thinking about your question of God's will and your life. I could list all types of theological theorems, but sometimes theory does not really answer how we feel!

I thought of Biblical characters like Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, Paul, etc. They, unlike many others, had a very clear and directly personal, spoken word by God to them. They knew His will clearly!

Like so many others, we have not had God speak directly to us through a burning bush--but then we have heard through the Holy Spirit. We know what to do as believers through the indwelling Spirit. And honestly, from reading your story, it does not seem you had much problem doing His will.

The "Rub" comes when what happens to us does not match what we perceive His will to be, or in our case, the gifts, talents, callings, etc., now seem to be (for lack of a better word) useless.

It is OK to ask why! Maybe the struggle we face now in regards to God's will is not so much "why," as it is "what's next?" We shall see! And is not that the important part of faith and doing His will? For we walk by faith, not sight.

Quick Medical Update

My walking became more difficult this weekend. It feels like my legs do not want to move at the hip joint. They hurt and feel really weak. My breathing is no better either.

It may be time for another plasma exchange. I guess I need to contact my neurologist and set one up, but I just do not like have my jugular vein cut open again.

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