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Friday, April 29, 2011

Cathy's Blog - Thursday, April 28

Mornings start early here and by 7:00 AM Kerry was on his way to plasma exchange. He still does not feel like writing. His breakfast came as soon as he left so since he was not here . . . I had to eat it. It was a right fine breakfast with no additional cost.

I wrote some on this blog, talked to several people, and went to the car and brought back what we would need for Friday morning. Then I went to check on Kerry and he was almost finished with his treatment! This was surprising. The machine was set on a faster setting, there were no problems with clotting and the treatment was completed quicker. The nurse gave him some medicine, checked his vitals and we were waiting on the transport team to deliver him back to his room on the 6th floor, by 10:30 AM.

After he was brought back to his room, he was checked in, vitals taken etc. Lunch soon arrived. The lady who brings up the food from the kitchen had an extra tray, so she gave me one too. That's two meals I didn't have to purchase.

Kerry sat up for a while and then decided to lay down for a nap and quiet time. Well, the best laid plans often go astray. One of Kerry's doctors stopped by, respiratory came by to check on his intake and outflow, then it was time for more medicine.

After all of that, Kerry wanted to sit up some so I laid on the edge of the bed and had a nice nap. Then guess what? We had to change rooms! The room we were in was a sleep study room and it was needed. So we load up (around 4:00 pm TN time) and went down the hall a short way to our new room. This one (hopefully) will be quieter since it is not across from the nurses station.

They have been checking Kerry's blood sugar while he has been here and it has been a little high. He has had several insulin shots. It was just a little high now when the nurse check it and he had another small dose of insulin. Prednisone will spike it one's blood sugar. Kerry has not felt too good (yesterday of course) or today. I am hoping that this treatment will soon help him to feel more like himself.

They will probably bring his evening meal in a short while and I will go down to the cafeteria. See you later.

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