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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Appointment Update for March 30, 2011

I had a good, long appointment at Vanderbilt with my neurologist yesterday. We made some changes to my medication to help with weight and pain.

The main focus of the appointment was on my breathing issues. The plan right now is to swap me from a CPAP to BI-PAP machine. That will be completed this week. That should take some stress off my diaphragm. In about three weeks, I will have a phernic nerve study. This is the neve that controls the diaphragm. That should help clarify what is happening with my lungs.

Also in about three weeks, I will probably undergo another five days of inpatient plasma exchange at Vanderbilt. Then I will have one-day plasma exchange every other week. The goal again is to lower my immune system and stop by condition from worsening.

I will also have the lump in my arm checked soon.

Cytoxan chemotherapy is NOT for me. That is great!

Thanks for the prayers


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