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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RFBC Newsletter January 4, 2011

Dear Church Family:

By now you should be aware that I will be taking a medial leave for a few months in order to let my body heal from all that is happening to me. My goal is to rest, recover, and be able to return to work. Wednesday, January 5 will be my official last day at work.

I will speak in the 11 AM worship service on January 9. There will only be one service on January 9. During my leave, I will not be at church every Sunday--if I am here I will be greatly tempted to do things and that will not encourage me to rest. I will keep my blog up-to-date and you can see what is happening with me there (

This is a medial leave and not an interim situation. As such, I am still pastor and ultimately responsible for the church. I have asked Rev. Jim Bailiff to preach through March. He has graciously agreed. He will also be leading the evening worship. Rev. Brant Olivarri will continue his focus on Family. He (and others) will be making hospital visits as needed. The other church staff do an excellent job and they are gifted in their calling. The deacons will be taking turns leading prayer meeting on Wednesday evening and ministering to their deacon families. The church is in good hands will I am on leave.

I want to share a recap of several items from last Sunday's sermon with you so that everyone will know the direction of the church for the next few months.

1. Stay the Course: Continuity is important. This is not the time for any major changes.

2. Be Ready to Adapt: Of course, me not being here requires some adaptation. I have announced no early service during the month of January. This will be helpful to me on January 9 and will be helpful to Rev. Bailiff for the rest of January.

3. Support Your Staff: They are all called and gifted by God for service to His church. Pray for and encourage them.

4. Become More Involved in the Ministry of the Church Yourself: Each and every one of your is a minister of God. Pray for each other. Encourage each other. Invite people to church. Think positive! Be positive! Talk positive! Be faithful in your attendance and giving. Truly love one another.

5. Continue to Pray for Cathy and Me

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