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Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010-10-28 Plasma Exchange Report Thireeen Days Out

It has been thirteen days since I completed my PLEX (plasma exchange). My strength and stamina are still holding on OK. Normal walking, Toe-to-toe and walking on my heals is still OK.

My small fiber neuropathy issues seem to be worse. I hurt, tingle, and burn a little more. PLEX does not seem to help those issues.

I have started on the CellCept and have no side effects. I am grateful!

My eyes are still a problem with pain, blurry and double vision on occasion.

Difficult breathing and chest pain is a constant companion and I think it is getting worse over time. The PLEX did not have much effect on breathing.

Good reports from my ENT and Gastrologist. Through endoscopic examination, they see no problems from their medical area to cause the chest pain and breathing problems. No acid reflux, polyps, infections, irritation, etc. That is good news. No, great news!

The next step is to meet with the Vanderbilt Pulmonologist on November 18 and see what he says. His expertise is in breathing difficulties with no apparent causes. He will have fun with me!

You may notice in the last video that I look slightly less bloated (I did not say I look any better). I am down from 60mg to 30mg of prednisone per day now. I hope the weight keeps coming down too.

Just an update about my book and web sites.

I am hearing from people from all over who are experiencing similar problems. I hope I am helping some of them.

Blog hits: 4,200+
Web site views: 1,280 (Unique Visitors: 419)
YouTube Channel views: 1,446
Paperbacks sold: 108
eBooks sold: 12
(Currently ranked #5 in Kindle Store/Nonfiction/Medicine/Physician&Patient/Healing)

Thanks everyone for making this possible.

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