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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heart Cath Update

The heart cath went well yesterday morning. I have NO blockages. That is great. The pressure between my heart and lungs was normal. This means I do NOT have pulmonary hypertension (PH). This is very great since PH is progressive and fatal. The heart cath is the definitive test for PH so we know I do NOT have PH.

Now we have to figure out what is happening since other test said I did. Chattanooga Heart Institute may do their own echocardiogram for additional investigation.

All of this still does not answer why I have shortness of breath and rapid heart rate. This is the reason I went to the doctor at the end of May and why I was tested for PH. Last night, breathing was difficult and my pulse was between 100 and 120 just lying in bed. My usual pulse rate is between 50 and 60.

My ability to feel pain is still very low. Last Friday, I did not feel the lidocane burn when they started the IV in back of my hand for the colonoscopy. No pain at all from the IV or stick.

Yesterday it took three tries to start the IV. I did not feel the first try in my left arm. The second try in my right hand hurt a little (no lidocane) I felt the pressure of the stick more than the stick itself. The third try hurt a little, but just until they pushed the needle through the skin then no pain.

I did not feel the lidocane stick or burn in my groin. I have had absolutely no pain or soreness since the procedure.

I can definitely tell when they pull all the tape (and hair) off my body -- no problem with feeling that pain!

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