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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Condition Update -- Sunday, April 11, 2010

My condition is basically the same as last week with a few exceptions. The main thing is I am now a year older--54 to be exact last April 4, Easter Sunday. I guess that makes me an Easter Bunny. Sorry 'bout that joke.

I feel some stronger and have a little more energy. This is a problem, since I try to do more activities than my body is ready for. I usually pay for it the next day. For example; in my blog last week, I originally wrote about working in the yard on both Friday and Saturday. But, after working a little last Friday, I was too tired to work last Saturday, so I changed my blog to say only Friday. I must learn to pace myself and let my body catch up with my "want-too." I still fight fatigue daily.

It was hot here in north Georgia last week. I am afraid the heat is going to be a problem for me this summer. I am sweating on my forehead a little more, but still not sweating anywhere else. As a result, I overheat easily and do not realize what is happening until I start feeling dizzy and faint. I must learn to not overdo heat exposure and to drink lots of water. Sunlight still hurts my skin.

Overall, I am doing better than before treatments. Some symptoms do not bother me much at all. Some symptoms have stabilized, and nothing has worsened.  My legs still hurt from my knees down.

The biggest problem areas now are with the autonomic system. I still feel full and am never hungry and I still have dropping blood pressure (orthostatic hypotension) when I stand. I also think my body is still adjusting to the different pulse rate and the huge fluid volume change of plasmapheresis.

Thanks again to everyone who is reading this blog. I continue to appreciate your prayers and support.

Ralph and Jan Jay gave me a new tee-shirt with the following words. I like it!

I promise not to sleep in church especially during the sermon.
I will read the Bible and say my prayers.
I promise not to sing off key and always arrive on time.
I promise not to complain when the basket is passed around.
I will never chew gum in church or sneak out early. . .
I am the Minister ... I am the Minister ... I am the Minister!

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Guest Blog by Cathy

It has been a while since I have written and wanted to give my take on Kerry's condition. Kerry is better, but he is still not sweating except on his forehead, as he has stated. You have heard me say that Kerry doesn't have good sense about working and the treatments didn't help that. Overnight one simply cannot become a long-distance runner when one has been a casual walker. I feel he is too much fatigued on a daily basis to do as much as he is trying to do. He needs to gradually build up a little more each week. I try to keep a watch on what and how much he does, but this is not easy.

Now, most everyone knows Kerry loves to work in the yard. So, one evening this past week, we worked a while in the yard pulling weeds and putting out mulch. Even our five and ten year-old granddaughters helped. Afterwards, he was really tired.

Today (Saturday, April 10), we worked in the yard. We raked around the trees and flowers, pulled some weeds, cut around the day lilies; which requires cutting around each one in a circle and cutting between them. We used the weed-eater (which I thought was going to come to blows over who would weed-eat) and also cut grass. Of course, he was micro-managing me at the same time: he is so picky about yard work. I am telling him that he can't walk all over the yard with the push mower, even though it is self-propelled. I could tell he was tired, so I took over this job. He thinks he is the only one who knows how to do yard work and he micro-manages. Finally time came to use the weed-eater. I needed to do this since I am trying to keep him from overdoing. After we argued about it, he won and worked at it for awhile. He was getting really tired, so he let me have a turn.

We have a gas-powered weed-eater and it is heavy and hard for me to manage. Just because I whacked a limb off a forsythia bush last year, he thinks I can't use it. I admit I couldn't make a profession out of yard work, but I try to help (OK, so I cut down a hosta Saturday). The weed-eater flings some mulch into the yard that has already been mowed--which is a big no-no--so he makes me stop. Then, we plant some flowers and two Japanese Maple trees. Now, by this time, I am about dead. I have decided his goal in life is to kill us all working in the yard! Last week and this weekend were big yard working weekends. Now, that the hard work is over, we can just plan on cutting grass, hopefully.

My problem with all of this is Kerry overworks. On Saturday, he needs to rest and get ready for Sunday. He still has to build up his strength and try to overcome his fatigue. As he also stated, his appetite is just not there and this also worries me. Physically in some ways he is better, but he still has long way to go. We are very thankful that God used the treatment to help him get better. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. If there is a paraneoplastic condition, I pray it is found and God will continue to guide the doctors every step of the way. I will go for now, since I am very tired and can barely move.


Kerry's Rebuttal

(1) We worked only about two hours in the yard on both Friday and Saturday. (2) Cathy did not just "whack off a limb last year," she is a forsythia killer. (3) I just learned about my poor, poor hosta! (4) Cathy and the girls planted the flowers later Saturday afternoon, not me. (5) The two trees were very small--1/2 gallon containers--and were planted in already prepared, soft, mulched soil. (6) Cathy learned to cut grass at the Pablo Picasso School of Art and Lawn Care.  (7) I win less than more than 1 out of 100 "discussions." {Note: Cathy told me this was not correct and to fix it. I did.}  (8) But, she does work hard so I think I will keep her--we will have a talk about the poor, poor hosta later!

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