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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going into the Hospital at Vanderbilt Soon

I am scheduled to arrive for a long stay in Vanderbilt Medical Center from March 8, 2010 through March 13 (insurance permitting). Up to this point, all medication has been to help control symptoms and all procedures have been diagnostic. Now we begin treatment. My March 9th appointment has been cancelled.

On Monday, I will have a central IV line placed in my neck and a skin biopsy to check my small fiber nerves. Later, I will under go a procedure called plasmapheresis. The entire procedure will take several days in the hospital.

Right now, doctors do not know for sure how successful the treatment will be. It could be very effective and my nerves will respond and heal quickly. Or, my nerves could be damaged beyond repair. We will not know the answer until I undergo this procedure.

I am planning to take my laptop to Vanderbilt wtih me. I will blog about the events daily, if possible. Brant will be preaching on March 14 and 28, 2010. Sunday evening services on March 14 will be held at New Heights Baptist Church in connection with the Catoosa Baptist Association Spring meeting.

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