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Friday, June 19, 2009

FBC Newsletter, 06/19/09

By now you may have heard that I have been in Erlanger Medical Center for a few days. I was released late Thursday and am doing much better.

Cathy and I both thank you for your prayers and support. Since this happened so quickly and unexpectedly, I would like to share a little about what happened to me.

On Memorial Day, I noticed the loss of some sensations mainly in my legs, but also in my arms. I was beginning to have a little trouble walking and fatigued easily. I went to my doctor on Tuesday and he sent me to a neurologist later that week. Both doctors did blood work and test--the waiting game began.

About ten days ago, I noticed I had lost a lot of strength, was having more difficulty walking, and began to experience cramps in my legs. On Monday of this week (June 15), I noticed a lot of twitching in both legs and was having even more trouble walking. My return appointment with the neurologist was Thursday (June 18).

Tuesday morning I had been at church and worked on several items. By Tuesday noon, I could barley walk, was extremely fatigued, and in a lot of pain. My local doctor sent me to the ER. At Erlanger, I could only walk very, very slowly with great difficulty and assistance. It was as if my legs would not move. I had lost about 90% of my strength. The ER doctors began a series of extensive tests late Tuesday and admitted me to the hospital on Wednesday at 5:30 AM.

Here is the good news. I do NOT have heart/circulation problems, a stroke, a brain tumor, a ruptured disk, or diabetes. I do NOT have muscle problems or damage. I do NOT have one of the devastating neurological diseases such as MS, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Gullain-Barre Syndrome, etc. We were really worried about these because I had many of the symptoms.

I have been diagnosed with Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy. Something attacked the nerves in my legs and arms causing pain, loss of feeling and sensation, muscle weakness, tingling, twitching, fatigue, and made it very, very difficulty to walk. They are treating this with medication and I should be fine. The medication seems to be working. I am walking much, much better (by myself) and my strength is returning quickly. I go back to the neurologist on Monday.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. I will see you soon (that is as soon as Cathy lets me out of the house).

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