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Friday, April 24, 2009

So, the Journey Begins . . .

My world drastically changed when I cut my leg while trout fishing on Tiger Creek, Keith
Community, Catoosa County, Georgia in late April, 2009. This is my story.

Since that time, I have endured many, many medical tests, extreme fatigue, constant tingling and aching pain over almost my entire body. My family has watched as a normally active person became a couch potato. To paraphrase someone I read somewhere, it’s like having a rabbit attitude trapped in a turtle body.

I did not decide to write this blog until February 17, 2010. Postings from that date are in real-time, as they actually happen. Fortunately, I kept good notes during these last several months, so I am able to report earlier posts as accurately as possible.

Over time, my diagnosis has been changed and modified several times. This is not unusual due to the complexity and combination of presenting symptoms. The good news about changing diagnosis is that Doctors are able to better describe and narrow down causes. The bad news is explaining to others what is wrong and why doctors seemingly changed their mind. I expect that by the end of this process, I will face a lot more change.

Some of the information and material in this blog is very personal and difficult to share. I choose to share in hope that my experiences will help others who are going through similar and trying circumstances.

I cannot say enough words to express my thanks to my family, friends, and church during this trying time. You have been there for me and I appreciate it greatly.

I am blessed to have what Cathy (my wife) calls a type “C” personality–comatose. There is not a lot that really stresses me. I have learned to be a "duck" and let the water roll off my back. But, even a duck has hard times when the water becomes acid! So, the journey begins . . . .

Soli Deo Gloria

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